Five Reasons Why the Apple Watch is a Worthy Investment

Apple Watch

Apple recently announced new watchbands for the Apple Watch at the event where it announced the iPhone SE. As expected, Apple called the Apple Watch the best Wearable around and we tend to go with the notion. From a great screen, to terrific set of accessories to a vast ecosystem of apps, the watch is a decent buy. Less than a day battery life, pretty much being the only real downfall of the watch as far as our experience goes. The watch is an expensive investment no doubt, with the Sport variant in 38 mm case starting at about Rs 26,000, so if you are undecided whether to pick one up, here is why you should.

Apple Watch

Fitness Tracking

Like most smart watches, Apple’s Watch comes with a fitness tracker. However, unlike plenty of Android Watches, this one is really accurate. In fact, you have fitness tracker in built for various fitness activities such as walking, running, cycling and more and they ensure that your entire fitness regime is monitored. Other than just generally measuring your step, Activities ensure that you stand up form your seat and do some physical exercise at regular intervals. Really neat fitness companion if you like that.

Health Tracker

The heartbeat monitor, measures your heartbeat at regular intervals. This is really useful if you suffer from any sort of anxiety or sugar related problems. You can at any moment, know your heartbeat and if you feel things are going too high up north or south, you can consult the physician in time. There are a ton of good applications available thanks to HealthKit, where the watch can help you measure your Blood Pressure as well as even do your ECG. This just a tip of the iceberg, as the Watch can also share your medical reports with your doctor time to time. We are certain Apple will bet big on the health aspect of the watch.

As an Assistant

Siri is lovely. We have been using Siri on our iPhones since the days of the iPhone 4s, but using Siri on the Apple Watch makes even more sense. You can call on the assistant to set you a reminder or set an alarm and it is super convenient. In fact, over the pat month or so, we have come to conclude that a voice assistant is so much more useful on the small screen of a wearable watch than it is on say, a six inch phablet display. With a small screen, navigation can be really painful, and this is where Siri is a boon. Just call her out and it does pretty much everything that you want an Apple Watch to do.

Apps at a Glance

When we had thought of this post topic, originally apps or even replying to notifications was not a part of the feature set. Simply because everyone does it and it is kind of a mandatory minimum requirement that you know a smartwatch will do. However, what changed the opinion was a swift walk down the roadway from our place in Mumbai using Google Maps. It is really risky to be suing your phone to navigate the busy streets on Mumbai as you could end up being so engrossed that you bump into places, and this is where a watch that gives you directions is really helpful. With the subtle heptic feedbacks, the Apple Watch is great when you want to walk and navigate at the same time. Apps like Shazam can be reached faster than you can on your phone and just simply do the same task. No, we are still not fans of apps on watches, but the Apple Watch definitely does a few good things with the apps, that probably most other Watches either don’t do, or don’t do it as well.

Answering a Phonecall

Not all Android Wear watches have speaker support and that is why it is a special feature for us. if you work alone or live alone, you can basically use your Apple Watch as a speaker phone. You can take calls and dial calls form the watch itself and it is super convenient. The speaker is loud and the connection is solid. Yes, you may look a little foolish if you take calls in public and talk to your watch, but all alone, where you have nobody listening to the speakers, the Apple Watch is a great accessories to give you ears, just a breather from feeling your phone.

While not a perfect gadget, the Apple Watch is a neat little add on to your tech arsenal. If you are a little apprehensive of picking one up, you definitely must reach out to your Apple Store nearby and give it a shot, it actually is a pretty underrated gadget we feel.