How to Play the Jumping Dinosaur Game From Chrome on your iPhone Lockscreen

The iPhones (smartphones in general) today are the most portable gaming device that we can own. If there is ever a moment when you are getting bored and just simply want to pass some time, fire up your smartphone and I bet you will have no clue of the time and where did it go. But what if you could bring along a simple game that you play on your desktop, also to your mobile and launch it like, literally instantly without even having to unlock your phone? Sounds great right?

Steve Widget

It is now possible for you to play the jumping dinosaur game, right in the notifications panel on your iPhone. The game is available as a widget that can be installed easily and accessed by a single gesture. Most of you would have the access to your notiffications and control center, right at the lockscreen, whereby you would not even need to unlock your phone to allow yourself some good time pass.

Steve Store

You will need to initially, go to your app store and download, ‘Steve- The Jumping Dinosaur Widget Game’ from here. Once you have done this, you will see the icon for Steve on the springboard. You will be needed to now hop into the widgets section in your Notifications Center, and click on Edit button, post which you will see the option to add ‘Steve’ among your preferred widgets.

Widgets Edit

As soon as you do that and click on done, the game will be available right on your iPhone as a widget, and you can access an dplay it without ever needing to even unlock your device.