We Tried Out the Mivi Set of Accessories and Came Impressed

At Techsplurge and at Whichmobiletobuy, we generally talk about gadgets, yet our interests lie in virtually everything about the personal electronics space. We love the gadgets, their software as well as their accompanying accessories. With the smartphone market at an all time high, it also has given several accessory manufacturers a shot at glory and we have seen many of them making a name for themselves. An upcoming accessory manufacturer, Mivi, who sell their products both on Amazon as well as their site approached us to check out their accessories and we obliged.

Mivi 4

Since we use the iPhone 6s Plus, they were kind enough to share with us accessories for the same. In the package came a full cover tempered glass, a Dual USB smart car charger and a lightning cable. The first thing you will notice when you check out their products is the packaging. All of these came in thick cardboard packaging, which felt very rigid and solid. The cables were neatly folded and kept inside while the car charger was surrounded by foam cast. The tempered glass too was neatly stacked inside a two-way foldable cardboard packaging.

Mivi 5

The lightening cable is MFi certified, so there was no issue with the ‘accessory not supported’ message and we were able to charge the iPhone without any sweat. Since this is a braided cable and a 6 feel long one, there was an issue with storage. It is not the neatest for the purpose of using it on a desk, but against a wall charger placed in the socket it is pretty much an excellent choice. The cable is definitely more premium than what Apple bundles in with the iPhone.

Mivi 2

It is capable of carrying up to 2.4A current and features an Aluminium shell. This is a tangle free cable so that is an added bonus.

The tempered glass comes with an edge to edge coverage. There is an Oleophobic coating, so the touch is butter smooth. The manufacturer claims that the glass is Waterproof, though there is no validation on the same, we would go by the advertised word. The package, other than the tempered glass includes an alcohol wipe, a dust remover sticker and a cleaning cloth to aid your installation. The glass comes with a white body, and with our white iPhone 6s Plus, it looked as good as what we had hoped for.

Mivi 1

The Dual USB car charger features an auto detection technology, which the moment your engine is started, will ensure that your phone starts charging. Since the IC detects the connected device, only the requisite current is sent. The charger in itself is lightweight and is capable of a total output of 3.1A. It is universally compatible, so you do not have to worry on that front. While the charger has a plastic-y feel, it does not feel to be of a cheap construction. We tried it on our Creta and it worked perfectly fine.

Mivi 3

Overall, we like the set that we received. The only bit we would change is make the cable available in a smaller size as that would ensure we could use it on our desks without cluttering a lot of it. The other two accessories are standard and look the part.