5 Secret iPhone Codes That Every User Should Know

It is generally believed that other than what Apple gives you out of the box, there is not a lot that you can do if you have an iPhone. If you want a lot of customizations and tinkering around, you are better off with an Android phone rather than use an iPhone. However, what if there is a secret treasure in there and you can access it from your phone and get things done, that otherwise, your phone was not capable of?

iOS 10 dialler

There are a set of USSD codes that if you enter on the dialling pad of your iPhone you will be able to get things done that otherwise were not possible or just simply may have taken longer for you to figure out in the phone. Some of these codes may not work depending upon the area that you live in or depending upon your network provider. Nevertheless, here are a few interesting USSD codes, that you should try out on your iPhone.


This is the standard USSD code that would work on any smartphone in order to reveal the IMEI number. It is the unique number of every smartphone. Ideally, you should have the IMEI number of your phone written somewhere with you as there have been cases in the past where lost phones have been traced thanks to this unique set of digits.


This USSD code will activate the Field Mode on your iPhone. This will display all the technical information about your iPhone as well as give you the option to see the operator signal in pure digits and values rather than just bars as well as a lot more. However, we would encourage you to read up on the options on the Field Mode before playing around with it yourself.


This number will give you the status of the call waiting on your phone. You can activate or deactivate Call waiting on your phone from Settings apps as well but this neat trick also gives you the update on call waiting for your data packets as well as text messages.


Sometimes, if you are having trouble with text messages not going through from your phone, you may want to check whether the SMS center is correct or not. You can dial in the above code on your iPhone to know the current SMS center.


This USSD code will unlock the phone’s Network Provider’s access where you can then go ahead and subscribe to their services or check your pending bills or account details and more.

As we sid, these USSD codes may or may not work on all the iPhones and across the globe. As per our testing in 2016, the month of July, they were working just fine.