How to Turn on the Dark Mode on Twitter For Android

Twitter announced a keenly awaited feature for Android called the ‘Night Mode’ a couple of days ago. The feature is so far available only on Android and if you are on iOS, you would perhaps have to stick to using the likes of Tweetbot, apps which already have had dark mode. Unlike apps like Fenix where Dark Mode is generally characterised by either gray or black backdrop with light grey text, Twitter has done things differently albeit a bit strangely.


The mode comes with a very deep navy blue colour with light blue text on it, which is not the most eye friendly way of doing it. However, something is better than nothing, and if you are also a late night Tweeter, you really would want to have this feature. How to enable it, here it is:

Step 1)

First and foremost make sure that you have the latest Twitter app. In this case, you must have the app on your Android phone, with version number 6.7.0. This update was released on July 25th, 2016.

Step 2)

Once you have updated the app on your Android phone, make sure you kill the app and start it again if it was running in background. After this, just swipe to the right from left most edge of the screen when in Twitter to open the hamburger menu,

Step 3)

In the menu, you need to to enable the Night Mode as shown in the screenshot below to be able to see the new night mode on Twitter. If you toggle the switch back, you will have the white background mode back on, though we honestly did like the dark mode on.

Night mode

There is no confirmation when or if this update will be rolled out for both, iOS and the web version of Twitter. However, if you work late in to nights and like to spend a lot of time on Twiitter this is a welcome relief and somethig we would urge our readers to definitely try out.